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CA Diversity Media offers comprehensive solutions to the full lead generation to application timeline.

Recruitment & Retention Consulting

Talent comes from all walks of life.

Understand your current workforce to consistently shift employee satisfaction to its highest, as well as attracting and retaining diverse and vibrant talent.

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Candidate Tracking System

State-of-the-art Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) customized and designed specifically with public safety in mind.

The goal of the applicant tracking software is to aid recruitment teams with automation and streamlined processes, which allows for seamless task assignment and coordination across the different stages involved in the recruitment path.

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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Truly exceptional talent can be found in anyone, regardless of background, experience, or origin.

We conduct our operations with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in mind in every step we take. Our belief is that talent comes from anywhere and anyone. 

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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Leverage digital platforms and tools to optimize recruitment goals.

Bottom line is: we follow the source that works.

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Dashboard Analytics

Best in class tracking with dashboards and statistics that explains how and where your efforts are working.

Having access to data-driven insights can help your company measure the success of your marketing campaigns, understand your target audience and track progress towards your goals.

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Video & Photography

Storytelling using modern content that communicate the look, feel, and personality of your department.

Every department has a story to tell, and every workforce is comprised of unique individuals who contribute to its culture, diversity, and productivity. By taking an immersive approach to our work, we aim to bring the stories of your department to life, capturing the essence of what makes your workforce unique.

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Virtual Recruitment Events

Don’t just advertise that you have a great work team environment–show it.

Connect with your candidates online by holding a virtual meeting to showcase your positions, entice users to join the team, and have real-time interaction in a meaningful way.

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Graphic & Web Design

Craft messaging, content, design, and web capabilities to promote seamless and optimal user experience.

Creating a positive user experience is integral to converting a user to a candidate. A user-friendly website design, concise messaging, and targeted content help users understand your employer value proposition. Branding goes beyond a logo or tagline.

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Campaign Management

Let us handle the various sources of your recruitment paths. We offer management services to assist in contracts, negotiations, and pricing–so you don’t have to.

We handle everything from sourcing candidates to contract negotiations, pricing, and management. Partner with us and make your recruitment process seamless and efficient.

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Reviews from real clients

Ken Pastorick
Lousiana DOC - Communications Director

I have worked in state government for 16 years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to work with lots of contractors. I can honestly say you and your team is one of the best I have ever dealt with, bar none. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail, and genuine care about my agency and the product you and your team produces for us.

Katie Cardona
City of Vacaville PD

All-Star Talent is the best kept secret in law enforcement. In less than 6 months we will be nearly fully staffed. Adding them to a department recruitment strategy is a no-brainer.

DeWarren Register
South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

All-Star has been a critical partner not only to recruit for JCO's but also has helped me fully staff and open the Pines Transition Home to support the reintegration of our youth.

Joe Lamberson
Champaign IL Police Department

All-Star Talent has gone above and beyond. They underpromise and over deliver. Their hard work and dedication to law enforcement recruitment has caused a significant impact on our organization.

Alan Caldwell
Weld County Sheriff's Office

I am impressed with how quickly the All-Star Team responds to direction from our leadership. The weekly meetings that we have are extremely organized and keep the project moving, track success and help my team understand exactly what is being done, why it's being done and what the results are. All-Star is a fantastic recruitment consulting firm.

Bree Derrick
Idaho DOC - Deputy Director

All-Star lead generation has helped to decrease our vacancy rate from 24.5% to 14.6% across all state facilities in 12 months. Idaho is a very difficult employment market - we are at the lowest vacancy levels since we started tracking as an organization.