Who Are We?

We are a diversity focused media company.

We have experience leveraging marketing channels for recruiting in the public sector. Our specialty is in public safety. All-Star Talent is the premier talent marketing and recruiting firm for the public sector.

We are an innovative, client-centered talent marketing and consulting firm. Everything we do starts with understanding our clients’ unique challenges with recruiting and retaining talent in law enforcement . Then, we identify the solutions to help solve their problems. These solutions may include anything from research, online or in-person recruitment events, marketing and ad management to graphic design, website creation, custom applicant tracking and much more.

We have decades of combined experience recruiting and building talent pipelines for law enforcement and have helped some of the largest agencies in the country achieve success.  

Our culture of collaboration and innovation is enhanced by our commitment to diversity, teamwork and solutions. We take an engineering and tactical data science approach to support decisions, design and ultimately, drive tangible results for our clients.

We are motivated. We are dedicated. And we are creative.

We are All-Star Talent. And we will staff your organization with all-star talent.

Our solutions are customized and specific for your recruitment needs.

What We Believe

We believe qualified talent comes from any and all backgrounds. We achieve equity in talent markets when our systems are built with the ideas of accessibility and accountability. We strive to reframe the ways public safety recruitment is viewed through innovation, communication, restructuring, and data-driven decisions.

Diversity in the public safety workforce strengthens law enforcement and ensures the safety of communities that public servants are dedicated to serving.


Why Choose CA Diversity Media

We are the leader in public sector talent recruitment.

Our clients range from organizations with nearly 11,000 employees to small police departments with less than 100 employees. Our team collectively has more than 15 years of marketing and recruitment experience to help identify the best candidates for your public sector organization, no matter the size.

We are driven by outcomes.

At All-Star Talent, we live and breathe data. In fact, we take an engineering and tactical data science approach to support decisions, design and ultimately drive tangible results. And we won't stop until we meet your objectives!

We help you from candidate interest to hire.

Our process improvement services were created to help organizations systematically follow-up and move talent through the employment funnel. We have developed systems to automate communication, interview scheduling, applicant tracking through various processes. We also have expertise in creating efficiencies and solving blocks in the talent recruitment critical paths to hire.

Our diversity recruitment system.

We understand that diverse talent attraction sometimes requires additional resources, but we make it easy for your recruitment efforts to be inclusive and accessible to everyone. We accomplish this through our extensive marketing research that uncovers attract-keep metrics and helps us develop unique messaging that targets diverse candidates and meets them where they are.

We adapt to your organization.

We have a breadth and depth of experts that understand how to solve problems and leverage research, technology, messaging and design to accomplish your recruiting goals. Whether it is a small virtual event for internal staff or a commercial in the Super Bowl, or whether your budget is big or small, All-Star Talent can help.

Our innovative systems.

All-Star Talent not only creates great graphic design but all of the systems to support a successful recruitment campaign. We understand law enforcement and build infrastructure to help give your recruitment team superpowers.

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